Shareworthy: “True and Better”

Jesus is the True and Better.

I guarantee you, watching this is worth 3 minutes of your time. My heart overflows in gratitude and worship to Jesus every time I watch this.

This is the preview video, but you can buy this video for your church service or Bible study in either English or Spanish here on Dan Stevers’ website.

(Please support creative artists who are using their gifts to build up the Church.  Don’t dishonor the Lord by stealing from them by using the Youtube video for your service instead.)




Shareworthy: “Tornado Survivor Finds Dog During TV Interview”

I cried watching this touching video if a woman finding her small dog in the rubble of her house during a live TV interview. Perhaps because there is a deeper significance to our hearts. In Oklahoma’s case, it symbolizes hope for renewal and a future. But on a soul-deep level, we are that dog in so many ways: helpless, dependent on our Master for rescue.

For thus says the Lord God: Behold, I, I myself will search for my sheep and will seek them out. As a shepherd seeks out his flock when he is among his sheep that have been scattered, so will I seek out my sheep, and I will rescue them from all places where they have been scattered on a day of clouds and thick darkness. – Ezekiel 34:11-12

Shareworthy: “That’s My King!”

There are few words I could add to this video that would not ruin the words belted out by Dr. Lockridge from his “Seven Way King” sermon and hammered home with the skillful typography used here. There is really nothing more I have to say, except, that’s MY King!

On his robe and on his thigh he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords. (Revelation 19:16, ESV)

Shareworthy: “Don’t Stop, Don’t Give Up!”

Happy Monday! This is for all my friends who are in the midst of finals week & the job hunt, or anything that is requiring insane amounts of perseverance:

A little wisdom from a toddler.

With love,