Songs & Scripture: “Only You Can Satisfy” (Caleb Clements, Todd Proctor)

“Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in thee..”

–Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo from 396-430 A.D.

For today’s Song & Scripture post, I’ve chosen “Only you can Satisfy”, which somehow perfectly expresses our brother Augustine’s famous line from his Confessions. Some close friends introduced me to this song through their small group. And actually, they produced the lyric video on Youtube seen below featuring a rendition of the song by Travis Ryan:

I hope you are blessed through the music and the Scriptures that show the lyrics we sing are true!

Only You Can Satisfy
Written by Caleb Clements & Todd Proctor
CCLI #5149432

In all of my life Iʼm searching
For what can be only found in You (Jeremiah 29:13Matthew 11:29)
Only You can satisfy (Psalm 63:1-5Psalm 145:16Isaiah 55:1-3, Jeremiah 31:25John 4:13-14, John 6:35John 7:37-38)
Iʼve seen what the world can offer (Ecclesiastes 1:16-18Ecclesiastes 5:10-12Haggai 1:6, John 6:67-691 John 2:15-17)
In all that can sway me I have found (1 Corinthians 3:18-20Colossians 2:8)
Only You can satisfy, only You can satisfy

To live for Christ, I first must die (Matthew 16:24, Luke 14:27Galatians 2:20, 1 Peter 2:24)
To all the rivals in my life (Jonah 2:8 NIVMatthew 6:24, 1 John 5:21 NLT)

Only You can satisfy
Only You can satisfy
In everything I have in You (Colossians 1:27)
I find, You satisfy

In all that now lies forsaken* (Matthew 10:37-39)
Nothing can match Your love for me (John 15:13, Romans 8:37-39)
Only You can satisfy
Forever my heart awakened (Ezekiel 36:26)
To worship the One who sets me free (Romans 6:22, Galatians 5:1)
Only You can satisfy, only You can satisfy

*I interpreted this line meaning nothing we are called to give up or forsake in this life can compare to God’s love for us and the hope we have, which is why I picked those verses from Matthew. 

Only Jesus can fill the God-shaped hole in our hearts. He wants a personal relationship with us! Weird. Crazy. Are we hungry/thirsty/desperate for Him today? Or are we trying to fill up on the wrong stuff?

With love,



Songs & Scripture: “Better Is One Day” (Matt Redman)

Modern-day Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Matt Redman originally wrote this song, but I love this version by Charlie Hall. The opening and main cry of the song is from Psalm 84.  I hope you enjoy seeing how the Scriptures are practically quoted for each line of this song.

How lovely is Your dwelling place, Oh Lord Almighty  (Psalm 84:1)
My soul longs and even faints for You (Psalm 84:2)
For here my heart is satisfied, within Your presence (Psalm 63:5)
I sing beneath the shadow of Your wings (Psalm 63:7)

Better is one day in Your courts
Better is one day in Your house
Better is one day in Your courts
Than thousands elsewhere (Psalm 84:10)

One thing I ask, and I would seek, to see Your beauty,
To find You in the place Your glory dwells (Psalm 27:4)
My heart and flesh cry out,
For You the living God (Psalm 84:2 again)
Your Spirit’s water for my soul (Psalm 63:1, Isaiah 44:3John 4:14, Revelation 22:17)
I’ve tasted and I’ve seen, (Psalm 34:8)
Come once again to me.
I will draw near to You. (Ecclesiastes 5:1, Hebrews 4:16James 4:8)
I will draw near to You

Will you draw near to Him today?

With Love,


Songs & Scripture: “Like Incense/Sometimes By Step” (Brooke Ligertwood & Rich Mullins)

I love this song.  It it my most-played song in my Itunes worship folder for a reason. I hope it blesses you too. Brooke Ligertwood (Fraser) of Hillsong composed the verses and adapted Rich Mullins’ classic for the chorus.

Anointed is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Ligertwood’s ministry, as I see any human being doing what the Creator created them to do. May God reach into your heart in a new way through this music!

Psalm 119 seems to be a central passage in this song, but of course, there are many other references. Please share more if you think of them!

[Verse 1]
May my prayer like incense rise before You (Revelation 8:4)
The lifting of my hands a sacrifice (Psalm 141:2)
Oh Lord Jesus turn Your eyes upon me (Psalm 27:9, Mark 10:47)
For I know there is mercy in Your sight (Psalm 51:1, John 6:37)

Your statutes are my heritage forever (Psalm 119:111)
My heart is set on keeping Your decrees (Psalm 119:112)
Please still my anxious urge toward rebellion (Galatians 5:16-17, Philippians 4:6, Hebrews 3:15)
Let Love keep my will upon its knees (Matthew 6:10, Matthew 26:42)

Oh God, You are my God (Psalm 63:1)
And I will ever praise You (Isaiah 25:1)
Oh God, You are my God
And I will ever praise You

[Verse 2]
To all creation I can see a limit
But Your commands are boundless and have none (Psalm 119:96, Matthew 24:35)
So Your Word is my joy and meditation (Psalm 119:47-48)
From the rising to the setting of the sun (Psalm 1:2, Psalm 119:97, Psalm 119:148)

All Your ways are loving and are faithful (Psalm 25:10, Psalm 145:17)
The road is narrow but Your burden light (Matthew 7:13-14, Matthew 11:30)
Because You gladly lean to lead the humble (Psalm 25:9, Psalm 149:4, Isaiah 66:2)
I shall gladly kneel to leave my pride (Psalm 95:6, Daniel 4:37)




I will seek You in the morning (Psalm 5:3, Psalm 90:14, Mark 1:35)*
I will learn to walk in Your ways (Deuteronomy 26:17, Micah 6:8, 2 John 1:6)
And step by step You’ll lead me (Psalm 23:2, Psalm 25:5, Psalm 37:23, Psalm 119:35, Galatians 5:25)
And I will follow You all of my days (Mark 1:17, John 12:26)

With love,